Friday, December 30, 2016

Oh my, This Estonian girl is on fire....

 I do not know who are my blog readers . I know about 15 people who religiously  tell me they have "checked " it out and love it...    An I can see country map , where readers come from, and  browsers they r using...   BTW.. I had no idea that my blog would pop up on some porn websites.. That was just weird.. But the other day, when I was checking traffic flow into DO NOT MESS WITH DIANA... lol-   2 of   sites were pretty hardcore porn sites... NO IDEA HOW that happened...
I Do watch porn myself,  so... I don't know...  mhm

Well, now..  It is 30th of December here In So Cal.  I am in my apartment, My christmas tree is all  lit in blue and white lights. I did take all ornaments away and put them to storage...  No need for them right now.   And I am happy.

This past year has been amazing adventure.   Last year this time I was Cat sitting my best friends cat In Woodland hills, and was thinking to myself. I WILL BE BaCK living here next year, same time... And I am back.   And I am not gonna move my nice out of here.. My home , my territory.....

 So all in all..    I had to give up a lot to gain LOTTER  something..  I cried my eyes out night in and night out. But  in the end of the day.. Do the fuck something D.  I got here. and Now I am moving on to do better things... MUCH BETTER....    2016 was damn good year, like every year before that..

Self growth, adventures, laughter, new interesting people,   travels,   everything.........

AND NOW...  again... as this year is coming to an end.. I have pretty damn amazing and smart, and handsome and  sophisticated and SMART( I did say that again) person in my life.  He brings calmness and balance to my being...  Balance I have been searching forever  and I did not even know it existed....   I am so grateful He did not give up on me and   kept coming back to me to claim what is his....    I'm always nervous when Im around him....... And I love it...

AND....  All of you , who are still not tired of me, and stuck by me all these years... I LOOOOOVE YOU... rrrrr....      That is all I want to do rest of my life.. Just Love... Just love, and  laugh, and be silly, and sexy and smart and  everything i could be that is in my power....

YOU too.. Be it...


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