Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to my Friends all around the world... Haid pyhi teile koigile, kus iganes te ka poleks, ja kui te loete seda postitust hetkel, siis teadke,   te olete olnud mul motetes .  

I would write this blog even if I had no  readers.   It is just something for me, and I am so glad, so many of you turn to me - out of curiosity , or  you just care for me.. .or you just randomly found a way to this blog that is all me..  No restrictions.  No lies.  ...Just me and my silly little  honest world.

 Not many of you know but,  past couple of years I have been working of becoming better Christian.  It has not been an easy road. Coming from Estonia where Paganism rules, and people  believe in many Gods.   I did too.    Myself I do believe I am Goddess.  I Have always believed so.   From the moment I remember myself, I remember I was different in so many ways, and I was always misunderstood.  And I  Responded to it with tears. I cried my eyes out ... Till I found myself...

Fast forward to now.   Do you know how powerful is to  live the life that is yours?  You don't have to answer to nobody.   You open your apartment doors, and you walk into your world. Your peace. Your kindness.  YOur power, your love, your everything..   But it is all temporary.

One day.  I want someone to walk to my door and say.... ," This  is where I belong.".

One day  Everything will be the way  God  has panned life  out for me.  Till then I am just  pinning it all together.   With a smile on my face.   And a pep in my step.  And  with  Magic   I so crave to  give someone fully one day..

 I Do have certain someone in mind. But it is all up to him..  Hopefully , there will be no evil "stepsisters" who going to just step in and push me aside... If That happens.   I will rise from ashes, and  beautiful thunderstorm will  take place ... . And I just stand in the rain once again.....

 Holidays... They make one emotional.  They make one beautiful. They make one   aware and strong... Why not  be like that all year long... Be your best self ALL YEAR LONG...    Be  amazing not only for a month.. bot for a lifetime....

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