Thursday, April 14, 2016

Step one..

 April 14th..  This day will be important date  for years to come.  I did not realize what significance it holds..  First of all numbers 1 and 4are my combo numbers 11.11 and 1.44  or 11.44 or times I always wake up or check my time.. and today is 14th,  4/14  all the numbers lined up... stupid I know..
But tonight Is my last official date  to live in Hangzhou.  from 4/15  forward, i will be no longer at home in hangzhou.. My home will be wherever his home is....

Its tricky.. I know.  But it is best feeling ever. and knowing someone has your back... is  priceless...

 I am happiest i have been for years, and this time, it is different.  It is about feeling. It is about we care for one another, it is about respect, and honesty, and trust. It is all and more I have ever asked for. I am complete ... and it is all that I care about :D

So tomorrow... will fly out of here... and stay tuned for new stories...whenever will get a chance..

Love is all we have..

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