Monday, November 10, 2014

Singles Day in China

11/11 Oh and the day to point out singles is here. It is crazy day here. Biggest online store Taobao has  50% off sales, there are single parties everywhere, and to be honest I have no idea how I feel about it.
Myself, I am not single, but I am not in a relationship ether. I am just happy the way things are right now with someone I have had on again off again complicated relationship.  I know I am not the only one in his life, but I am to lazy to go out there to start looking for something more stable also.  And Since I might be moving out of China soon,  there is no point for me to start something new... Important thing is, he makes me happy when we are together, and I would not want it any other way.  We just have this special connection happening, and when we are together we always manage to have best time ever.  He is amazing in so many ways, but I have accepted the fact, that this will not last forever. Sometimes I ask myself, why Him, why not tens of other guys I have met on my path while here in China?  I have had so many chances to make things work here with others, and actually have that stable life. But pretty much from the first day I met him, I felt this weird connection to him that I have not felt for anybody else. At a time I was working at a bar and  flirted with everybody. I never thought I would be regular hanging out with him. First of all- he was one of those guys I  have made mental note never ,ever , ever date... because he had all those NO  this, NO  that , NO third thing, NO fourth thing...on my list of what I don't want in a guy. But few months passed, and I let things happen. I am glad I did.  If it was not complicated , he has about 80% of the things I am looking in a man...  Before I concentrated on what I don't look in a man, but when we started hanging out, I found out, he actually has more what I was looking for. He is  handsome, caring, fun, knows what woman wants, and most importantly, he is patient. When I  met him, I was in a very bad place in my life, and he has seen the worst of me.  But he is still kept hanging around. And I am thankful for that.  We have had horrible ups and downs, but finally everything has calmed down, and there is light in the end of the tunnel. One day at a time...
SO there you go.. Happy singles day to every single person In China. Enjoy your time alone.  You don't need a men to make you happy. Happiness comes, when you are ready to accept you as you are and who you are , and let go all the negativity and things that way you down.  Nobody else can bring you happiness but you..:) I mean genuine happiness.. We can always pretend to be happy, but then we attract wrong kind of people into our life... I don't need that... It took me a while to find my happy place, and I am so happy I made it....

I don't care .. are you single or not, most important is, have a good relationship with yourself first..... xo.

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