Saturday, August 12, 2017

Breathe in , breathe out...

.... This is pretty much how I have been surviving here for a while..
I admit.. I am fuming  middle aged mess, but I am still HOT... ... mess....  lol

One of the things that gave me peace this month is-- Reginas memorial maker was finally completed, and installed..

Promised 16 days from company , turned into 60 something stressful days..  They made major mistakes in design and spelling errors. ...   I stressed over an issue, I should have never  ever spent a second stressing over....   Lady, who I contacted , was legit, and her company had done thousands of markers..... But maybe that is a problem... she lost passion..........She had one job, and she should have done it right. But long story short.. Reginas memorial maker is beautiful. And she is resting peacefully at El Toro Memorial park...  

I have been told once or twice after Reginas passing that I should be grateful that I had experienced motherhood at such young age And That I was married before, and that I have lived good life and  yada yada yada....  It almost feels like people have no compassion anymore...  No common sense ether...

All I have to say to this kind of "love and care" is.  I appreciate your input ....  I am happy, that only thing in life you have to worry about is...  You did not get a full scoop of ice cream. ;)

Love one another. THere is so much hate in this world already.  Find your tribe ,  appreciate it...  Help one another.  Guide those who are lost.  Mentor someone... HUG  if that is what you can do at any given moment... Make someone smile... Give honest compliment.    Do not forget to love yourself.     And .... Don't be afraid to be  YOU.... .... That is what I learned from Regina.... ..... xoxox


  1. Regina's memorial marker is beautiful!

    Don't let anyone tell you how to feel. Only God knows the pain of your loss and He is there for you and loves you ��

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