Monday, January 22, 2018

This year, new vibes, new passions, new everything...


Lets just say. I have not done  "real" writing for a while.  I did some emotion driven writing based on whatever emotions I had in me , that were looking for a way out.   time to time we need all  need some sort of  layout .  Vent, bitch and moan... Some  of us turn to friends, some of us  turn to therapy, and some of us turn to sex.  And myself I have turned to myself last year and whatever I missed in my life is  finally manifesting right at this moment.

Everything starting since  from November 2017 to this point at 2018 has been  for some reason miraculously amazing to me.   Beginning every week I though, something will happen that will dim my success... But it never happened... 8 weeks fast forward to now... It just keeps getting better... Every word I have ever put out there to universe about what I wish and need and want and desire , is happening right at this point... I wake up every morning smiling again. I look forward to my days instead of threading them... I pray again. I smile again.

This January has been blessing in every way . And it is not over yet. And most important part of it all is... I AM NOT AFRAID OF GETTING LIFES BLESSINGS ANYMORE. We all get a break at one point in our lives. And mine is finally here.... I think I have done something right .... :)


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