Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My reality.

I want to start this blog entry off with positive note. I don't know what I would do without my friends.  I don't have many, but those who I have  are incredible.  I would be hot mess without them... I am hot anyway, but I do not wish to be mess anymore in my life... Been there done that.  Now I am just choosing to be hot, and sexy, and beautiful and confident and bold.   Take that :D...  ANd that is partly because I do have amazing group of female and male friends, who have been to hell and back and have vise words to share, sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't . I mainly listen, when I already have experienced something like  maybe I am about to experience again, but if I am feeling like, this  new experience, everyone warning me about   to stay away, and  just  don't do it....-- I will definitely do it... I don't learn from other peoples mistakes and lessons most of the time.... I learn and grow from the ones I make  myself.   Yes,at plenty of occasions I have run back to my friend and said .. DAMN, you were so right.... and they come back to me- I told you soooo, but you did not listen..... BUT THATS THE BEAUTY OF IT...  Not listen ,  have my own experiences, wake  myself up the way  I a m supposed to be awake  at this very moment...  Make heartbreaking mistakes and  learn from them... And it is beautiful all the way.. TO see how ones mind, heart and soul tries to balance everything out.  AHhh. its pain and pleasure in combined unity at work.

But from this I am moving to another topic...  Dating.. I don't go to lot of dates...    I wrote about it little before.. I cancel my dates before they even happen, because something in me just tells me, he is not at the best of state of mind, and words/sentences/ promises-- 2 hours after you start talking to someone is bogus. For example

- I want to make you my Queen
- Right now you are my princess, and next step for you would be amazing QUeen, I would carry you on my hands( good luck with that I weigh 170 lbs.. hmh) handle that , and I would marry you...
- WOW, your eyes, they are piercing, I got lost in them
- your accent-- so sexy,  I wan't to hear it all my life, all day long, I would never get tired of it.
- mhhhhh your ass is fine girrrrllllll...  please, please, just walk in front of me... mhm
- we got connection going on in here.. you said hi, and I said hi... We definitely are connected... And your name,,, DIANA.. oooh,,  You are the mysterious Diana, and you will be all mine soon.... ( rolling my eyes again)
... I can go on and on and on and on and on about it... THis kind of messages I got even before meeting up with someone.     Come on people... They all scream--- I need to get laid-- My wife is pregnant, my girlfriend is out of towns,  I am homeless,   These are not pics on my profile- im just catfishing,   Lets see if she going to fall into it--- well, she is european, they love how people say I LOVE YOU and they fall in love right away and do my laundry and make my dishes, and so on...( go suck your own dick please...) --- WE ARE ALL HUMAN- and  luckily only thing europian right now about me is my accent.....  If you are good man.. I might cook for you or do your laundry.... BUT  trust me--- I will know if you are a good man...  Drop the game and  say what you want at first place... gonna save lot of time your part, and my part...

But all that aside... I  have laughed inside so many times people try to pull that crap on me.  SERIOUSLY... who is falling for that--- you talk to person for 5 minutes and you are soulmates  in his eyes and heart.... WHICH HEART I ASK?????  

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