Thursday, April 27, 2017

One of the reasons I have trust issues...

I don't really have them anymore, but I don't give a crap about being in a relationship ( you know one of those where you can annoy each other with bad breath, and farts, and open door bathroom visits... And cuddles.... I do miss cuddles...... )..

But I was just thinking back to couple of my relationships and , chats with guys, and I realized...   I am  going to be single till the day, someone appreciates me...  Does not matter what I do...

 But back to trust issue shit....  When I was married to my ex husband ( most of you know he is Chinese)... He would constantly tell me, he does not like Chinese women/ girl/ whores/ or whatever other vagina owning  living things)... But  interestingly enough  he only had affairs with Asian, and is now in happy ( i hope they are happy) relationship with Chinese woman and has 2 new kids.....  Adorable ones I must say :D

Then I dated this guy, who always said, OH NOOO, i can't stand black girls/ woman ( he was black himself)... ANd I just laughed inside.... PLEASE STOP THIS NONSENSE... A
And then I dated someone else  who was black, who said exact same thing, and he is in a relationship with AMAZING beautiful Black girl right now... SO .. I guess my superpower is... I am Crazy white girl, and I turn them back to dating their own race :D        

Yeah, I have  trust issues... NEVER tell me anything bad about your exes...   THere was a reason you were with them at first place, sometimes even spent years with them...  There is a reason you trusted them, there was a reason, you fell in love with them... And yes, there was a reason your relationship fell apart... But don't let that over shine all the goodness they brought to your life.... BTW... my friends know all the shit about my amazing exes too....     And sometimes I wish, I made smarter choices...  But heck with it :D  

We are all crazy in our own way....  

I know there are few females out there thinking I am the worst person in  this universe... Because my ex decided to share only the info that would make him the victim....  But the truth is...  it takes 2 to tango .....  it takes 2 to fuck everything up... not one---  but 2!!!!!

With that said...  before I get to know you ... I don't trust you.. even if I do get to know you, I still would not trust you.... .. Bring wine over.... Friends for life........ Namaste

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